“We are a no-kill free-range poultry farm.  Elderly hens and stray roosters stay around as pampered pets, if I cannot find them a good home in someone’s backyard flock. 

We make less money this way, but I have a hundred little friends who are worth their weight in gold for the charm and entertainment value.” 

We haven’t seen this one for ourselves yet, so we’d love for one of you out in Indiana to tell us more about Red Rosa Farm!  Then we can include your firsthand research in our listing(click here)…


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  1. sonamdolma said

    Jane said
    October 8, 2008 @ 3:26 am
    Awhile back Ms Mason asked me to review a farm in Indiana, Red Rosa Farm, since I had reviewed it on Local Harvest. I have not visited this farm, but do know from talking with the owner that they treat their animals well. The fowl have free range during the day and have an enclosed roosting area at night to protect from coyotes. None of the fowl are sacrificed, although frankly I’m not sure what they do with excess roosters.

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