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“Be compassionate even as your heavenly Father is compassionate.”

–Matthew 5:48

Humane Farms,
Artisans, and Venues
in Geauga County

 You’ll Find Listed on This Page…

  • Humane Farms
    • Chardon: Maple Valley Sugarbush & Farm (scroll down)
  • Humane Artisans  

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leafHumane Farms in Chardon

leaf Maple Valley Sugar Bush & Farm maple

leafFarmer’s Word:

“We have approximately thirty acres of land with a few in production.  We typically raise vegetables (with no herbicides or pesticides unless we actually have to, and then it’s organic.)  We grow in compost and we have lots of varieties of vegetables, lettuces, and herbs.  Our eggs are free range, heart healthy eggs.  And the happy chickens are free range (sometimes more free than we would like).  They are treated very well as are our sheep and a couple of pygmy goats.”  –Donna Divoky, Farmer

leaf Ethics:


  • Fresh chicken eggs, possibly duck eggs this year, fresh high-quality produce, delicious fresh garlic, award-winning maple syrup, lamb meat, chicken broilers and turkey meat.

leafCommunity Supported Agriculture:

  • CSA package is available for the 2009 season.  Their are still memberships available. You must register by March 2009.

  • Pick up at the farm or at one of the markets.  These locations are pending CSA membership.  For an additional fee of $100 they will deliver your CSA within their delivery area. 

  • You buy a 2009 share in the farm for an upfront fee of $450 for the season.  This buys you 500 credits to be used for most of the products that they have available.

  • The season runs June to October. 

  • Every week the Divokys will contact you with a list of products that are available for the week, and the consumer can place an order from that list of produce ($450 gets you 500 credits.)  Meat will be added this year. 

  • If ten or more Lakewood Know How It Grows members decide to sign up for Maple Valley CSA, there may be a possibility for CSA pickup in our area, or we could take turns picking up at the closest location for the group.  Let us know if you are a Lakewood resident interested in a Maple Valley CSA. 

  • 2009 CSA membership meeting will be held on Saturday February 28th, 9:00-11:00 am at Saint Mary’s Church, 401 North Street, Chardon, Ohio.  Please call Donna, Dave, or Nick Divoky for reservations at 440 537 5405. Visitors receive a free bottle of Maple Valley Sugarbush syrup.


  • The Geauga Fresh Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings is a lot of fun.

  • We commend the Divokys for their great generosity in sharing with us information about their farm, other farms in the area, and farming in general.  They did not mind lots of questions.  They believe in educating   people about farming.

  • If you want to to buy eggs from Maple Valley, we recommend that you purchase a CSA, or else you can’t be guaranteed availability.

  • The Divokys heartily welcomed us to see the animals and what life is like on their farm. 

  • They have plans to ultimately run a market with a certified kitchen for making cheese and yogurt and jams. 

  • Maple syrup is available.  People are welcome to come out for a visit to see how maple syrup is made; Call ahead to see when they are boiling.

leafLocation and Hours:

  • At the farm by appointment:  Call 440-537-5409.

  • CSA pickup is arranged depending on membership.

  • The market stand is open for CSA pickup on Wednesdays from 4:00 to 6:00.  Deliveries are made on Wednesdays at extra charge.

  • At Euclid Community Farmers’ Market on Friday afternoons, 4:00-8:00 pm.

  • At the Geauga Fresh Farmer’s market in South Russell:  Saturday mornings from 9:00 am-1:00 pm

leafBest Methods of Payment:

leaf How to get to The Euclid Community Farmer’s Market from Lakewood by bicycle:

  • At Berea Road turn slight left.

  • At Detroit Avenue turn slight left.

  • Detroit becomes Superior Avenue.

  • On East 55th Street, turn left.

  • At Saint Clair Avenue, turn right. 

  • Turn slight left to stay on Saint Clair.

  • At East 222nd Street, turn left.

  • Market is at 291 East 222nd Street Cleveland, Ohio 44123

  • Distance: 17.62 miles

leaf How to get to The Euclid Community Farmer’s Market from Lakewood by car:

  • Estimated time:  30 minutes.

  • Go east on Madison for ~1 mile.

leaf How to get to The Geauga Fresh Farmer’s Market in South Russell from Lakewood by car :

leaf More Information:


leaf Humane Artisans

Geauga County is Under Construction


leaf Humane Venues

Geauga County is Under Construction


leaf Humane Pet Foods

Geauga County is Under Construction

(Sorry, ASL is under construction right now)


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